About Wishlisting

Wishlisting.com is a free online service that makes the often frustrating experience of gift giving (and receiving) simple and fun. By creating a list of gift ideas and sharing it with friends and family, wishlisters are able to give and receive the perfect gift for every occasion. Wishlisters continue to shop at their favorite online stores and are able to add any item to their wishlist by clicking a browser button located in their browser's toolbar. Friends and family then use the wishlist to view gift ideas, share opinions, purchase a gift from the store with best price, or see which gifts have already been purchased. It's perfect for the birthdays, holidays, showers, weddings, or any other gift-giving occasion.

The Wishlisting Team

Wishlisting was founded by Tom Lianza and John Hildenbiddle, a developer and designer team located in Seattle, Washington. The inspiration for Wishlisting came from Tom's frustration with other wishlist services and the frustrations John's sister shared with him after trying to create on online wedding registry. The developer (Tom) and designer (John) decided they could build something better, and began collaborating on site a site to make the gift giving and receiving process simple and fun for everyone. A few months later Wishlisting.com was launched as a free service online.

Lead Developer

Tom Lianza

Tom spent several years as an engineer at Cisco Systems and F5 Networks prior to joining Wishlisting. Tom writes the "behind the scenes" code that makes Wishlisting possible, and does his best to keep John focused on the tasks at hand.

Working on Wishlisting is the most fun I've ever had as a professional developer. People have such diverse tastes, and as families grow and move around the world, it's difficult to figure out what would make a good gift for loved ones. Working on something that's truly useful for people is incredibly rewarding.

Lead Designer

John Hildenbiddle

John has been in the web design / usability / user experience field for over twelve years pushing pixels, writing code, and serving as an advocate for users on a variety of projects. Most recently he has worked as a Senior User Interface Designer for F5 Networks where he designs, codes, and coordinates UI efforts for the industry-leading BIG-IP® family of products. When he isn't driving Tom crazy with design details, John is working on the overall aesthetic and usability of the site while also handling the front-end coding tasks.

Wishlisting has been a labor of love and a great opportunity to create something specifically for friends and family. On several occasions I've bumped into people downtown on a Friday or Saturday night who use the site, and listening to their feedback motivates us to add new features and further refine the site. This past Christmas was especially gratifying as nearly every member of my family ended up giving at least one gift that was on another person's wishlist. I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish with a small team in a relatively short time frame, and I'm looking forward to what I think will be an even better site as we continue to grow.

Contact Information

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. For general feedback on the site, we ask that you use our feedback page so that we can keep these emails nice and tidy in one mailbox. For other inquiries, you can contact Tom or John directly at the email addresses provided below.

As always, we hope you enjoy using Wishlisting.com!