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Updated over 6 years ago Review by Shuttle 5 stars


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Review by mtucker 4 stars

The Wii is legitimately more fun than any other video game console that I have played in a long time. That said, it's fair to say that most games are gimicky and I haven't found a whole lot that having "staying power". Oh, and it's also not a joke that your arm will get sore in unexpected ways if you play Tennis for too long.

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Review by stevevu 5 stars

Its amazing how much fun you can have with just the Wii Sports game that is included with the system. I love the interactivity with the Wiimote.

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Updated over 6 years ago Review by xaleyn 5 stars

I love this system! It so fun. And it has a lot of party games which we like to play with friends. But its also cool because it has internet capabilities and retro game downloads.

Updated over 5 years ago Review by Sleepie 5 stars

Wii is awesome! It's perfect for that casual gamer in your life. Sure the graphics are nothing compared to PS3 or Xbox 360, but the addictingly entertaining titles make up for that (still collecting stars in SMG D:)